Tips for choosing the right wig

Many people out there are suffering from some diseases like cancer and alopecia, and both of which can cause hair loss. Aside from the physical and emotional stress that the ailment is causing, the fact that you are losing your hair is another thing that may cause more stress on you. This could affect your self-confidence.

If you have a medical condition that causes hair loss, then you are probably looking for ways in which you can replace that hair that you are losing every single day. Well, worry no more because there is a real human hair wig designer in San Diego that you can rely on. You can pick any style of a wig that you would like, and you no longer have to shy away when you are around people.

How to choose the best wig for you

Since you are new to wigs, you probably don’t know where and how to start choosing the best for you. So, below, we have listed some important factors that you have to consider.

Head size

dhhdd64The first thing that you have to look into is the size of your head. Just like when you are shopping for jeans and shirts, it is important that you know your size so you would know which section you would go to. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time checking on some wigs that don’t fit you.

To get an accurate measurement of your head size, you may have to ask someone to help you. Get a measuring tape, and put it around your head following your hair line. Make sure that the tape is not too tight nor too loose. This will ensure that you will be able to get a wig that won’t fall off.

Hair type

When it comes to the hair type, you have so many choices. You can pick one that matches the style of your real hair, or if you want to go with something different, make sure that it matches your personality as well as your facial features.

Hair color

dhghdhd64Just like when choosing the hair type, you will find a lot of choices when it comes to the hair color. You will find black, brown, blonde, burgundy; you name it! But the thing is, you should start with something that is close to your natural hair color. You can go with a different one, but you should transition slowly.