The Benefits of Wig Hangers as Opposed to Wig Stands


Wig hangers are now becoming the alternative to wig stands. If you don’t want to have head mannequins on your dressing table due to the amount of space they take, then you should consider getting wig hangers. If you are looking for A Wig Stand that can be used for drying, storing and minimal styling of your wigs, then you need to buy wig hangers as an alternative to stands. The wig hangers are attached to the back of the bathroom door, and this will keep your wig in form just like the mannequins.

Advantages of wig hangers

Easy to assemblewsdsdsfs

You can easily assemble a wig hangers at your bathroom or sink, and this will depend on the type of your wig. Most of the wig hangers will be assembled depending on the lace type of your wig. If you are looking for a place to hang them, the best place is behind the bathroom doors because they can easily stick at the back of the door.

No mess when drying wigs

When drying your wigs, you don’t have to worry about the mess that comes up with water all over the place. If you are planning to wash your wigs, you can allow attaching the hangers next to the sinks where the water can flow freely dry. You don’t have to dry your wigs inside the bedroom and deal with all the water mess that is involved.

Less amount of space

If you are dealing with a small space, then you need to look for something that will take less space. Head mannequins take a lot of space and if you don’t want your dressing table to look like a wig shop, then you need to consider wig hangers. The wig hangers can be placed in the bathroom, and you don’t have to place then on your dressing table.

Travewewrerewrl friendly

When traveling, you can need somewhere you can hang your wigs on the place where you are going. It is impossible to carry the head mannequins with you because they are very bulky. When traveling, you can carry your hangers with you because they don’t take much of your space.

Wigs can breathe

Wig hangers are the best storage option if you want to air and allow your wigs to breathe. This is because they lace of the wig is not enclosed when storing the wig.